Communication & Visual Arts


This project will show you how to care for your camera and select the correct film, as well as helping you to develop skill in the areas of composition, lighting and special effects. As you progress with the project, you will become better able to control and adjust exposure, sharpness, and shutter speeds. Finally, darkroom techniques and arrangement of finished photographs will be covered.


In this project, you will learn about the production of videos and movies. You will Learn about storytelling, editing, planning, lighting, camera handling, creating titles and adding sound, as well as showing and reviewing your production.

Visual Arts

This project serves as an introduction to the arts and crafts project area by giving you experience in several media. You will make projects using any of the following media: paper, fiber, clay, textiles, wood, drawing and painting, metal, natural materials, and leather. You will learn about design, using community art resources and evaluating your projects.


This project focuses on the characteristics and use of leather, use of the tools and equipment, making patterns, original designs, and leathercraft techniques.

Stenciling & Block Printing

Learn how to use precut stencils and blocks as well as how to design and cut stencils and blocks from different materials. You will then be able to print these designs on a variety of materials, creating your own original designs.

Drawing & Painting

Topics include drawing with pencil, chalk, crayon, pen and ink as well as painting with watercolor, poster paint, oil and acrylics. You will learn about the use of blending and shading, drawing from nature and surface rubbings in drawing in addition to using the brush, colors, tints, shades, and textures in painting. Finally, designing, matting and framing pictures will be covered.


In this project, you will learn how to choose preformed greenware or sculpt an original design. In addition, you will learn about painting a ceramic project, applying a decal and firing.

Metal Enameling

Try enameling earnings, pins, cuff links and other jewelry, attaching fasteners and creating original designs and patterns.

Creative Stitchery

Work from a pattern or create your own original design in this project. Learn techniques of embroidery, crewel or cross stitch as well as how to choose fabric, thread and other materials.

Cake Decorating

Learn how to choose and use cake decorating tools, make frosting, apply decorating techniques, work from a pattern or make your own design.


In this project you will Learn about macrame tools and materials, the techniques and design of a macrame project and the variations that can be used to make your project unique.


Learn about theater techniques, acting, makeup, costumes, sets and writing a script, planning a theater game, story dramatization and group improvisation. Attend or participate in the county drama festival.


There are many kinds of puppets, from marionettes (dolls with flexible joints) to stick puppets. In this project you can learn how to create a puppet stage, make puppets from socks, boxes, paper bags and other common objects, manipulate a puppet to show action, and write your own puppetry script.


Discover the history of clowning while you develop your own clown character, complete with makeup and costume. Study some of the most famous clown acts appearing in circuses today. Create some clown props such as slapsticks, toys and musical instruments.


The ultimate “learn-by-doing” project! Discover the basics of keeping 3 or more objects in the air at the same time. Attend or participate in several county “juggling” workshops.


In this project, you will learn about music. Use your instrumental or vocal abilities alone or in a group. Learn about a musical production and composing your own music. Attend or participate in a music festival.

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