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Child Development

In this project, you will learn about yourself and younger children. You will develop and practice baby-sitting skills, try fun activities that you can use as a baby-sitter, and improve the quality of care you give to younger children. Participate in a baby-sitter training course, or help younger members in their club.

Clothing Construction

In this project you will Learn clothing construction basics and sewing techniques. As you progress, you will enhance your sewing skills beyond the basics and begin to select construction techniques you would like to learn and projects you would like to make. Attend or participate in the county style review.


Discover what to consider when buying yarn, crochet thread, and crochet equipment. Learn crocheting, finishing techniques and how to care for crocheted items. Attend or participate in the county style review.


Find out what to consider when buying yarn and knitting equipment. Learn knitting and finishing techniques, as well as how to correct errors and care for your knitted items. Attend or participate in a style review.

Clothing Choice & Care

This project presents activities in clothing care and self concept, as well as how to build a core wardrobe and remove stains. You can learn how to use line, color and texture in clothing and how to get the most for your clothing dollar.

Horse & Riding Attire

Designed specifically for the horse lover, this project will help you learn to make your own riding apparel and horse equipment. Learn about textile selection and care. Discover sources for clothes horse patterns.

Foods & Nutrition – Level A

In this beginning level project, you will learn about what’s good to eat and how to fix many foods. You will learn about food labels, storage and shopping. Arrange recipes for healthy living, make your own recipe, plan a menu and make a meal.

Foods & Nutrition – Level B

This is an advanced beginning project. Some of the activities you can do include making a vegetable salad, making a main dish in the oven or on top of the stove, and making yogurt.

Foods & Nutrition – Level C

This is an intermediate project. Some of the activities you can do include making low fat dips, stir frying, making a natural food additive, and drying fruit.

Foods & Nutrition – Level D

This is an advanced project. Some of the activities you can do include planning menus, making bean burritos, baking fish, and catering a party.

Foods & Nutrition: Exploring the Pyramid

This project is designed as a group learning project. It focuses on the Food Guide Pyramid, healthy food choices, and physical activities. A kitchen is not required.

Microwave Cookery

In this project, you will learn safe microwave usage and how to convert conventional recipes for microwave use. You will make snacks, breakfast foods, lunches, a variety of hamburger and potato dishes, and other treats fixed in a microwave oven.

Food Preservation

This project focuses on making jam, freezing, canning, pickling, and drying foods. Learn how to preserve food safely and about proper storage requirements.

Home Environment

This project begins with an introduction to color, texture and wood finishing and works up to elements of design called line, shape and space. Make simple accessories and study furniture finishes while learning to make every project more attractive. Explore ways to hang accessories on the wall in creative ways and learn when and how to clean or restore furniture.


This project is designed to help members and their families discover new ways to share ideas, solve problems, have more fun together, choose nutritious foods, have fun with exercise, handle stress and relax.

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