Mechanical Sciences

Model Airplanes

Learn about the parts of a plane and tools for model building, as well as how to build, test and fly models.

Model Rocketry

In this project you will learn about the history of rocketry, understand the basic parts of a model rocket, make and fly your own rocket, and learn about model rocket safety.

Bicycle Project

Learn how to identify the parts of a bicycle, follow bicycle rules, handle emergencies and hazards, determine your reaction time and ride safely.


In this project you will learn the fundamentals of electricity and explore the relationship between magnetism and electricity. Learn about current and voltage, conductors and circuits while you build a magnet, buzzer or electric motor. Study home electrical systems and how to use them safely. Build your own electrical mechanisms for use.


This project teaches you how basic electronic components “process” electrons to form basic electronic circuits. It describes the workings of radio, TV, other communication devices, computers, photo tubes and radar. You will build several types of simple radios, microphones and other basic electronic equipment from scratch.


In this project, you will learn how computer software and hardware operates, how to program a computer, and how to make projects using a computer.

Small Engines

This project covers small engine parts; principles of operation, carburetion, care and maintenance; trouble shooting; preparing an engine for storage; and small engine safety.

Scale Models

Learn how to assemble and create scale models of trains, trucks, cars, ships, motorcycles, submarines and tanks. This project describes how to obtain the materials you need, paint your model, display your model and how to judge it.


This project, recommended for ages 12 and over, covers the many parts of a tractor, from nuts and bolts, to the instrument panel. Learn about tractor safety, engine oil, mixing fuel and air, how to give a tractor regular maintenance, safety checks and safe driving.


Learn how to trace patterns, measure, mark, cut, nail, glue, sand and finish while making projects from wood. Use power tools, identify wood types and make your own patterns.

Off-Highway Vehicle

Discover the proper ways to enjoy the outdoor activity known as OHVing! Off highway motorcycles (dirt bikes) and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) can be an enjoyable group experience. In this project, safe and responsible riding habits will be established. Whether you own an OHV now or would like to know more about them before deciding if you should get one, this is the project for you!

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