Plant & Soil Sciences


One of the tallest members of the grass family, corn is a valuable crop and interesting to grow. Learn about variety selection, germination, planting, nutrients, harvesting and storage. You will explore many uses and marketing strategies for corn.


Alfalfa is the most important forage crop in Wisconsin. In this project, you will learn how to establish and manage a forage crop. You will also learn how to scout your fields for insects, weeds, diseases and nutrition shortages and take a forage sample.

Small Grains

Learn about other members of the grass family such as wheat, oats, barley and rye. Explore growing conditions, nutrients, integrated pest management, production costs and marketing strategies.

Fruit Trees

In this project you will learn how to produce fruit from trees such as apples, pears and nuts. Apples are the most common fruit tree in Wisconsin. You will learn how to select the best apple cultivar for your home garden and how to prune apple trees.

Small Fruits

In this project you will learn how to produce perennial small fruit crops such as raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, currants, gooseberries and elderberries. You will learn how to select the best fruit cultivar for your home garden and how to determine their fertilizer needs.


In this project you will explore basic gardening practices, getting to know your soil, planning, preparing, planting, and caring for your garden. Explore harvesting and marketing methods. Study how to raise vegetables organically.

House Plants & Indoor Gardens

In this project you will grow foliage and flowering plants, propagate them from leaf and stem cuttings, fertilize and water plants and recognize and control insects and diseases. You will grow indoor plants from bulbs and construct a dish garden or terrarium.

Plant Crafts

This project covers harvesting, drying and using plant materials to make dry arrangements, collages, potpourri, Tussie-Mussies and other plant crafts.


In this project you will grow annual and perennial flowers, start annuals indoors and make bouquets and flower arrangements.


In this project, you will investigate seeding, lawn care, maintenance, fertilization and pesticide management.

Trees & Shrubs

Learn about the importance of planting new trees, shrubs and cultivar. Explore variety selection, appropriate placement and maintenance techniques, including pruning, fertilization and pest management.

Landscape Design

This project explores landscape planning, putting the plan on paper, selecting, placing and planting trees and shrubs, and maintenance of home grounds.

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