Parents Information

How 4-H Will Benefit Your Children

4-H members will:

Learn, make, and do things that appeal and are meaningful to them. Make friends and belong to a group. Give and receive acceptance and affection. Have a good time, making learning appealing and enjoyable. Earn recognition and awards.

4-H members develop and practice important life skills:

Develop an inquiring mind and a desire to learn. Make decisions and solve problems. Relate to and work with other people. Develop a concern for their community and the people in it. Build the youngster¹s self-confidence. Accept responsibility.

The Role of Parents in 4-H

Parents are very important to the success a child will have in the 4-H program. Parents are encouraged to attend monthly meetings and project meetings with their child. All countywide events are open and parents are encouraged to attend them with their children.

The parents’ key roles are supporting the child’s commitments, helping the child think through decisions, and seeing the child reach his/her goal.

There are several ways for parents to help:

  • Attending 4-H meetings and other special events.
  • Guiding your child’s project work and encouraging completion without doing the work for the 4-H’er.
  • Supporting the local 4-H club leader by offering your services.
  • Making it possible for your child to participate in a variety of 4-H activities such as camps, fairs, and contests.
  • Being an example of a good sport so your child will learn to appreciate the successes of others.


Contact 4-H Youth Development for more information.
Phone: (920) 459-5903